In 1997 the net seemed to be closing in on the Clinton Administration. Congressional Republicans, pushed along by a gung-ho group of young House members, were refusing to increase the government’s authority to borrow unless the President signed a balanced budget that kept certain programs going. If that threatened a U.S. default, so be it; it was a price worth paying to get Clinton to do the right thing. The very idea made the Clinton Administration squeal: Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin warned in September that failing to raise the limit “could cause profound damage to our country,” as even the possibility of a default would “do permanent damage to our credit standing.”

A look at today’s budgetary madness.
A look at today's budgetary madness.
A look at today’s budgetary madness.

Four months later the debt limit still hasn’t been raised, President Clinton hasn’t signed a balanced budget, and the nation’s credit rating is just fine. As soon as the President vetoed the GOP’s debt-limit bill in mid November, Rubin tapped federal pension funds to cover Treasury’s obligations, a dubious move

The food processor can be defined as an appliance for food processing. It runs on electricity and has blades that are interchangeable and it is contained in a closed container. Food can be fed into the food processor and the blades in it help in processing the food. Some of the processing procedures performed on such foods are pureeing, chopping, mincing, shredding and slicing. The food processor comes with functionality to enable easy adjustment of its speed. If the truth must be told, the food processor is a very important appliance for your kitchen. It helps to make food processing very fast. Instead of wasting forever on the food you are preparing, you will be able to finish up within a very short period of time and move on to other very important things. If you have to prepare food for a large number of people, then you will need the help of the food processor to enable you get things done faster.

Remove stress from cooking

The food processor is not really expensive. However, …

It is essential for computer users to understand what to do when hard drive crash occurs. This will help them prevent this from happening. Hard drive crash is one of the most awful things that could happen to your disk because it can cause deletion of data. It is encouraged to create a backup so you will have something to pull in the event that the hard drive crashes. You should be alerted once you begin receiving messages that the drive has to be formatted even though you just had it formatted. The computer may also display blue screen messages frequently. You should take the unit to a computer technician once you receive these notifications.

A hard drive crash due to physical failure can produce clicking sounds. You should not attempt to repair the damage on your own if you do not have sufficient skills and training. It is not recommended to run a recovery program when your hard drive is about to crash. You can still retrieve the deleted files with the help …

ambMany wealth managers are only marginally profitable, and a lot of wealth businesses appear to make more money than they actually do. That’s because they are effectively subsidized, using the assets and infrastructures of other parts of their parent companies without paying the full cost.

Financial institutions often underperform in wealth management for five reasons. First, they don’t have a clear picture of their own economic performance and how it varies by customer segment. Because they segment their customers poorly, they fail to target those customers that genuinely fit their business models.

Second, many financial institutions’ wealth offerings are subscale and need more customers and assets to be truly profitable. Third, wealthy investors aren’t always the dream customers they might seem. They often drive a hard bargain, negotiating lower fees and demanding more services. Fourth, financial institutions today find themselves with unsustainable cost structures in their wealth businesses. Having concentrated on revenue growth during the 1990s, they ignored the costs of acquiring and serving their new customers.

Lastly, financial institutions rarely refer good wealth management

sseoIn choosing any online support services, you must consider what your needs are, then you can point out what exactly you want in regard to your objectives. You need to get the best San Diego SEO Company that will cater for all your needs so as to expand your online marketing.  Before finalizing a decision on a service provider, you must consider the following factors: Analyze if it offers superior services at cost-effective prices. Because the main aim of a business is profit and reduced costs, the cost of a service is considered, a superior service with lower costs will be favorable for the success of the business.

Check the company’s portfolio to assess the quality and style of work. Select a service provider only if you are impressed with the work quality. You need quality work which must come out of quality services provided by the company. Looking at the quality can enable you obtain the best designer ever.

Consider whether the company has efficient customer service and support. Customers must be satisfied or …

FDR himself stressed the notion of limits as the flip side of largess with Social Security. “This act does not offer anyone an easy life,” he said in a 1938 fireside chat. It would “furnish that minimum necessary to keep a foothold; and that is the kind of protection Americans want.”

Indeed, Phillip Longman, in a provocative new book, The Return of Thrift, argues that Social Security was enacted largely to beat back costlier demands for universal old-age assistance championed by Francis Townsend, whose 10 million followers made him the one-man aarp of his day. Confining Social Security’s benefits to those who had first contributed payroll taxes was the ingenious way to limit government’s exposure, while giving Roosevelt the illusion of insurance he famously needed so that “no damn politician” could ever scrap his plan. In both senses, this “contributory” design worked. In 1940, less than 1 percent of the elderly received Social Security. Even as late as 1953, less than half the elderly got benefits, since they’d either retired before the system started …

awirbsCORPORATE FAILURES may be increasing globally and the fortunes of dotcom entrepreneurs may be vanishing faster than it takes to utter the words “initial public offering” on Nasdaq, but neither economic recession nor the bursting of the technology bubble is going to halt the rising tide of affluent and newly wealthy individuals in Europe, the US and elsewhere, according to business forecasters. Obituaries of the so-called mass affluent, as well as their bong purchases, are simply fanciful, along with the reported demise of the wealth management industry that is springing up to serve this expanding segment of the population.

True, the industry has seen some casualties among the specialist financial firms and bank subsidiaries that have struggled to find the right mix of services for this potentially lucrative segment. None are yet delivering a complete wealth management service that caters for all needs — that may still be five years away, says one industry specialist. But there is no shortage of firms gearing up and looking for a piece of the action.

The rise

Other vendors, including SEI and EnvestnetPMC, offer soup-to-nuts solutions similar to FundQuest’s. The goal is to help smaller banks compete in an area that is expected to register sharp gains in both volumes and fee generation over the next few years. “We’re seeing a tremendous migration by smaller institutions into the fee-based wealth-management business,” says FundQuest CEO Bob Del Col. “But in order to be successful, they need to offer the same choices the big guys offer. We help them do that.”

wfabbFee-based products aren’t for everyone, says Kyle Farris of the NYeC Regional Extension Center. Many banks lack the sales culture, customer base and organizational and compensation structure to accommodate such offerings. Others may be uncomfortable sharing vital customer information with a third party. “You’re talking about giving up total control of the investment management process,” Del Col says. “Some banks have a difficult time with that idea.”

Rachel Malatesta, an analyst with Cerulli Associates, says bank efforts are hindered by a lack of commitment. Only three percent of banks offering investment

Forget all those doom-and-gloom articles about BC being a have-not province. BC leads Canada in the only number that counts – we have the most millionaires per capita!

bcIt’s time to banish once and for all Toronto’s CN-tower-as-centre-of-the-financial-universe condescending image of BCers as backwater hewer-of-wood hicks and Birkenstocked green-peaced-out hippies. Wake up and smell the stock options, you Yorkdale yokels – BC’s millionaires control 30 percent more provincial wealth than Ontario’s!

And no jokes about BC’s top-rating in the bottom-line department being due entirely to our well-cached crop of BC Bud (or too much toking thereof). BC millionaires are an incredibly diverse bunch: hi-tech gameboys (Don “E=MyCash2 Arts” Mattrick), old-money sugar daddies (Stephen “Life is Sweet” Rogers), transplanted real-estate tycoons (Terry “Lil’ Ka-ching” Hui), ex-Olympian ski-hill moguls (Nancy “Gold-Grubber” Greene), media mini-magnates (David “No-Not-That” Black), conglomerated captains of industry (Jimmy “You name it, I own it” Pattison), and last but certainly not least, radically right-wing corporate-brown-nosing politicos (Gordon “Some of my best friends are millionaires” Campbell).

Some cynical smarty-pants may say that millionaires are irrelevant

When investment choices start to splinter too heavily, banks all too often take an either-or route: drop the business line altogether or move it in-house, despite the costs.

cbPort, the holding company for Cambridgeport Bank, took a different path, one that a handful of other community banks are taking and it has affected the charity they support. It hired its own sales team and took on a new partner, LPL Financial Services, to provide research and execute customer transactions.

The reorganization raised costs, since Port was now paying the salaries of the four customer reps it brought on, but the company spared itself the compliance and licensing expenses it would have incurred had it chosen to offer investment and brokerage on its own.

Under the new arrangement, Port’s sales representatives work with customers to develop a financial plan, using LPL, which has headquarters in Boston and San Diego, for information about investment options running the gamut from annuities to stock trades.

Once the customer’s program is done, Steve Damiani, Port’s vice president for alternative

The central political fact about abortion in America is that there’s a lot of it. While America’s annual abortion count has fallen to 1.3 million in the late ’90s, it averaged 1.5 million a year between 1973 and 1996, according to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, the research arm of Planned Parenthood. That’s more than 34 million abortions. It’s worth noting that the National Right to Life Organization does not contest these figures. Because, if we cast the net as widely as we can–from women who were pushing 40 in the early ’70s to girls who are still teenagers today–only about 90 million women have passed through any part of childbearing age since Roe v. Wade. Even accounting for those who have had multiple abortions, that means close to half of American young women are using abortion–43 percent by age 45, according to Jeffrey Epstein.

aboIn the polls, Americans profess ambivalence about abortion, openly supporting it only for “serious” reasons: for the health of the mother by 84 percent to twelve percent, for grave

afthAlthough it is not necessary to get an attorney when seeking for IRS tax help, it is still recommended to seek the advice of this expert individual. Basically, resolving tax woes is not an easy process and it takes a lot of time. That is why, getting an attorney can help alleviate the stress of facing this difficult circumstance. The attorney will defend you in front of the government authorities and he/she will help you with the tax filing, IRS dealing and tax preparation. However, you also have to take part by asking several pointers or tips in avoiding this problem in the future.

IRS tax help provided by the government agents can let you identify your lapses but you have to properly deal with this person so that you will avoid any aggressive encounters. Your attorney can help you through the process but you need to patiently face this issue because there are certainly no shortcuts to tax cases. As much as possible, you have to coordinate with your attorney from time to time …

Security is in the eye of the beholder – the eye of a closed circuit television camera, that is.

Yet contrary to popular belief, CCTV does not combat crime.

“People equate CCTV cameras with security, but cameras don’t protect people,” said Dick Hudak, director of security for The Elmendorph Inn. “[Surveillance cameras] are really an [identification] and document tool for establishing the time a crime occurred to help the authorities with an investigation.”

depressinghotelHudak said in addition to installing CCTV, hotels need to hire on-premise security officers whenever possible; provide high-quality lighting in remote areas, such as parking lots and garages; install peripheral access controls, such as electronic door locks; post proper signage; and provide escorts for better security.

“We support CCTV in certain designs, yet we don’t buy systems with all the bells and whistles” Hudak said. “We take a limited approach to monitor access control.”

Hudak said parking lots and garages are two areas that see the most crime on a property, yet he does not believe in installing CCTV in those

bhdsHelp desk software has many benefits. Some of these benefits include user’s benefits and help desk staff’s benefits. The end-user benefits of help desk software include a sole reference point to report issues. A single, common reference for call is advantageous for saving time and fostering confidence to the customers. The customers will be assured that their calls are being tracked, logged and resolutions will be done in the process. In this scenario, the calls will help in the development of history in help desk software for the easier identification of and smooth resolution of problems and issues of end users. Users can also utilize the knowledge base online to help themselves familiarize with the system. The automatic alert system will keep them updated of their complaints.

On the other hand, the staff also benefits from help desk software for the centralization of database, client details and call history to help them efficiently respond in the shortest time possible. The centralized system also enables the staff to auto-escalate the problems and issues and speed up …

Anticipating little more than spending a few hours on his ladder stand, 63-year-old Don Hill probably really didn’t count on weighing-in an eight-point buck on the afternoon of November 19, 1993. Aloft and overlooking the acres of palmetto and scrub brush of northern Florida, listening to the wind whisper through the pines and feeling the autumn nip in the late-afternoon air, Hill could have watched a pair of jays on the wing, fox squirrels darting across a moss-laden limb or maybe a woodpecker rotating around the nearby tree tapping the bark for a meal. The forest rewards you one way or another, Hill would have thought.

His new .30/30 Winchester rifle resting across his upper legs, the retired Navy Chief Petty Officer from Orange Park, Fla., would likely have scanned the vast green-brown landscape of vegetation that surrounded him, perhaps suppressing a wide smile as his mind drifted to the realization of how fast his grandchildren were growing.

The Hill family will never know what Don’s thoughts were on that late afternoon, even as another

afraAntioxidants are very important to be included into our diet. Even if we are healthy, we should eat food that is rich in antioxidants because it will prevent many diseases and we will fill vital. But if a person is ill, then it is even more important to eat the food which is full of antioxidants. People who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis should eat the food that will help them in easing the symptoms. There is no strict rheumatoid arthritis diet, but there are some rules which, when followed, may give good results. Taking the antioxidants should be included into this diet. They are important because they can reduce inflammation. Some studies show that they can also reduce pain which is a result of rheumatoid arthritis.

But what food contains antioxidants? First of all, vitamins A and C are the biggest antioxidants. They are followed by vitamin E and the mineral selenium. These vitamins can be found in fresh fruits and veggies, but also in some nuts. It is important to include as many …